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Topics: Templates - Datas and informations - Special Tools - Own programs - Other stuff - Quick references

Templates and other stuff for the web:

PmWiki Version 1.x Skin with curved graphics at the upper left corner of the textarea.
PmWiki Version 2.x Skin with curved graphics at the upper left corner of the textarea. Demo here.
PmWiki Version 2.x Skin with dropdown menus without using JavaScript. Demo here. here is also a version available without dropdown menus.
Extremly flexible Skin for PmWiki Version 2.x. You can also easily clone e.g. the DropDownSkin. A more detailed description can be found here.BTW: I use this skin on this homepage.
oddmuse.css and oddmuse.zip
OddMuse Wiki template and layout as I used it earlier on my website. But it's outdated thus not usable anymore. I might be used for getting some ideas.
demo_rounded.zip and demo_roundedcss.zip
Template for phpCMS with menus and rounded corners (depending on the browser) for version 1.2beta; demo_roundedcss.zip is the CSS version.

Datas and informations:

WinOrganizer database with technical informations and a glossary with oftenly used abbreviations in english language.

Special Tools:

A PHP script that can be stored on you own webspace (at a provider). Routers like e.g. a Fritz!Box can call this script instead of a dynamic DNS provider. The IP address of the router will then be stored in a file and can be read using an ordinary web browser. You can use it e.g. to access your computer using VNC. For easier access to a web server or FTP server at home two clickable links are created. You can find more detailed information on calling the script here de i.e. in the source code of the .php file.
As new function you will be redirected directly to your web or FTP server at home when providing a special parameter. (No more development on this tool.)
A PHP script similar to IPinfo. But it can be used by several routers and saves the informations of all of them. Additionally Wake-on-LAN functionality was integrated (if supported by router). More Informations can be found in the sourcecode.

Own programs:

Those can be found in articles at Software.

Other stuff:

Archive with small helper batch scripts to create an writing environment with all necessary tools/files to create Docbook5 files. For editing of teh XMl source SciTE is used. It is configured to allow validation and creation of PDF directly (menu item). And the best thing: It's portable. There are also some customizations which add some functions which do not work by default.
A small template that helps creating an application launcher using NSIS to make normal applications portable. BTW: This is the same method as used for most "Portable Apps". I suggest to take a look in the forum of http://www.portableapps.com. Use "Save link as.." within your web browser to save it on your PC.
An OpenOffice calc template that helps in solving of Sudokus. It shows the still available characters of each field. Currently following Sudoku sizes are supported (character set): 2x2 (1-4), 3x3 (1-9), 3x4(1-12), 4x4 (0-F), 5x5 (A-Y). there is on special feature: You can change the used characters.
An OpenOffice Calc file that helps in determining the sight settings for unkown distances when doing archery (i.e. interpolate them). The yellowish fields can be changed. Using the entered values a graph is generated from which you can read out the correct sight settings. Additionally the distance of the sight from the bow is also taken into account, i.e. shown with additional lines in the graph.
BounceCards.pdf de
PDF file with cut templates for various reflection cards used with a flash (in photography). More informations here.

Quick references:

Especially for those among us who prefer to work fast using the keyboard instead searching the menu item with the mouse taking ages. Those sheets may be distributed and copied.

GIMP-Schnellreferenz.pdf de
A german quick reference with all keyboard shortcuts and keyboard/mouse combinations to execute various functions in GIMP very quickly. Sheet size is DIN A4.
FreeMind-Schnellreferenz.pdf de
A german quick reference with all keyboard shortcuts to execute various functions in Freemind very quickly. Sheet size is DIN A4.
Word2010-Schnellreferenz.pdf de
A german quick reference with all keyboard shortcuts to execute various functions in Microsoft Word 2010 very quickly. Sheet size is DIN A4.

In case I forgot a keyboard shortcut in one of the references, then please tell me and I'll add it.

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